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How Does Skincare Improve Your Mental Health?

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At Organza, we’re major cheerleaders for healthy minds, self-love and self-acceptance. This is why we’ve created our all- natural, eco-friendly and affordable skincare products so that our users can look their best and be confident when taking on the day.

Let’s look at some of the ways that skincare can improve your mental health.

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Confidence and Self-Esteem

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It’s a no-brainer that your looks have an effect on your self-esteem, overall mood and behaviour with others. So when you’re keeping your skin clean, toned, and looking gorgeous, you’re bound to feel and act like a million bucks.

You’re more likely to speak to others with confidence knowing that your skin is in tip-top condition. On the flip-side though, if your skin is not looking too good, you might become quite self-concious and unconfident when dealing with others.

So start your day feeling fresh, looking great, and you’re more likely to look people in the eye, give firmer handshakes, and bring a positive vibe to anyone you happen to chill with.

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Great Addition to a Treatment Plan

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A daily skincare ritual may be seen as something small when you compare it to other mental health interventions such as therapy and medication. However, studies have shown that improving your mental health requires you to implement a number of self-care initiatives, including a skincare routine, exercise, and diet. This strategy is often used as part of a holistic treatment plan to help patients with numerous mental health conditions, including depression, ADHD, bipolar etc.

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Structure and Self-Care

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Skincare routines provide structure and positive feelings, knowing that you’re consistently sticking to a routine that is good for you. Mental health professionals often have patients carry out small, easy-to-do routines to increase activity in their daily lives and promote a sense of achievement and self-worth.

Often, people with mental health problems see themselves as failures and don’t see the point in doing anything. Sticking to self-care routines is a way to send a message to somebody that hey, you’re taking good care of yourself and are perfectly capable of succeeding at tasks.

Since sticking to your routine is a good way to start your day, it allows you to build momentum and gain enough confidence to go out and achieve more.

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Skincare can be Used as a Form of Meditation

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Skincare can become quite a soothing and spiritual experience. By using principles of mindfulness meditation, you will pay close attention to the soothing sensations of applying your product and feeling every drip of water run down your
face. This practice can set the tone for the rest of the day in terms of paying attention to what you are doing and feeling.


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The Science of Skincare’s Impact on Mood

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There’s plenty of research done by highly-qualified professionals that show the link between healthy skincare and its effect on your mood. It has been stated that daily skincare lowers your heart rate and promotes healthy blood flow and muscle relaxation. You end up feeling refreshed and peaceful.

Once you’ve found your daily rhythm of self-care and the positivity that goes along with it, you’re obviously going to look forward to doing it again. What happens biologically, is that your brain releases feel-good chemicals when looking forward to something you’re happy about.


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