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Charlotte Brooke

Silk Cream

“I have psoriasis.. Silk cream works better than any of the steroid creams the doctors give you, or E45 which my skin seems to resist now, maybe because I’ve been using it for so long. But this Silk Cream is just marvellous! Obviously it’s perfume free and made from all natural ingredients so it won’t harm you in any way. I use it in the morning and again before bed and if I do have any psoriasis or dry skin it clears it right up, which is fantastic.”

Paigey Cakey

Scrub, Silk Cream, Eye Potion & Acne Potion

This is one of my favourites, the scrub literally makes your skin glow again. Silk Cream makes your skin feel super super soft, it rejuvenates, hydrates and moisturises. Creamy Eye Potion gets rid of puffiness and dark circles. Acne potion, this is my fave. It reduces the size of spots & redness.


Vita C Fair + Acne Potion

“This is the cream that makes your face feel amazing, it’s done a lot of good things to my skin which isn’t perfect but it’s getting there!”
“It reduces the redness on your spots straight away! And it smells really good”


Liquid Gold Elixir Oud + Acne Potion

“The minute I get a red bump that looks like it’s about to be a spot, a raised area on your skin and it hurts when you press it you know it’s about to be a spot.. I PROMISE YOU it goes within two days it doesn’t even turn into the spot it’s trying to be, like BYE.”

Faryal Makhdoom

Hydrating Renewal Scrub

“Absolutely amazing to take off the first layer of your dead skin, helpful for pigmentation, acne marks and dry skin patches.”


Hydrating Renewal Scrub

“IT LITERALLY SAVES MY LIFE! It’s so good for pigmentation! Try and use on your knees, elbows, underarms, for those who suffer from pigmentation this is perfect.”

Faryal Makhdoom

Liquid Gold Elixir Oud

“One of my favourite serums is the Organza Oud oil! It has gold flakes which is so good for your skin, I usually get dry patches, pigmentation and acne marks and it really really helps.”

Melissa Sophia

Liquid Gold Elixir Oud

“This has made the biggest difference to my skin. The oil is very concentrated, I go to sleep in it, I wake up in the morning and genuinely my skin feels so soft. I would never usually have worn oil under foundation because I felt like it would be too much, but this really sets a nice base for my skin”

Chanelle McLeary 

Liquid Gold

“I use it under my makeup like a primer and to brighten skin, I mean it’s GLOWING! And you can use it as a serum as well, it makes your skin flawless.”

Arbia Kidadi ~ France

“J’adore les produits Organza! Mon visage se sent bien, ma pigmentation, améliore le collagène et rend ma peau si douce”

“I absolutely love Organza products! My face feels great, helped with pigmentation, enhances collagen and makes my skin so soft”

Faryal Makhdoom

Creamy Eye Potion

“It’s amazing for your under eyes, it’s great for puffiness. I get lots of dark circles, it really helps me. I also use it as a primer under my eyes before I apply makeup.”

Ghalia Al- Nassar

Golden Collagen Veil

“My skin feels so smooth!”

Faryal Makhdoom

Hydrating Renewal Scrub

“The best thing about this scrub is it’s removed all my dead skin.”


Hydrating Renewal Scrub & Silk Cream

“What we have created here is really fast glass skin. I have not got any foundation on just over really good skincare.. my skin feels amazing and super hydrated.”


Why Choose Natural & Organic Skincare

Organza Natural Skincare’s trademarked group of active ingredients and blends create natural collagen that gives an immediate glow and long-term proven results. Our bio fermented ingredients, marine collagen, plant stem cells and a complex of 7 Swiss alpine plants combined with rich, nourishing oils deliver perfect skin without compromising the environment.

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