Isabelle, USA

“After giving birth my skin and hormones really played up. I developed post natal depression because of hyperpigmentation. It became really bad to the point where I cry every night. A friend recommended your products and I tried them out and to my surprise my skin was clearing up within days and I was so happy. My husband even noticed a glow on my face. Thank you”

Mariah, London

“I’ve been on the acne regime for two weeks now, firstly after using the scrub I felt like I had just come out of a Hollywood facial and saw an instant effect. I continued with the serum and cream to control sebum production and my skin moved from looking like a pizza literally filled with acne to an amazing smooth surface. It also helped with marks”


“Wow, my skin has never felt this good in years. I have used many brands in the past but nothing worked once I started anti wrinkle range my skin is visibly plumper, my dark circles and fine lines have reduced by far! Amazing my HOLY GRAIL, thank you so much”

Fiona, London

“After giving birth my skin was a state! Pigmentation, stretch marks, very dry skin and I was going through depression because of this. I thought I will give Organza a go and to my surprise my skin cleared within two weeks and it brought my confidence back. Organza changed my life around and got my skin glowing again”

Anisah, Scotland

“All the products I purchased worked amazing on my skin, I have been using the products just for a few days and have seen amazing results on my skin. As I suffer from acne , the Acne Potion, Vita A and Elixir serum cleared up my skin beautifully in within just a few days. This is the first occasion when I purchased products that have been effective on my skin and have given me great results”


“I have used both my products and all I can say is WOW! my skin felt so soft and super clean after using the scrub and Acne Potion, felt amazing and smelt even more delicious”


“OMG!!! What sorcery is this!!??? It has transformed my skin!! within a few seconds of applying I could tell already how brilliant it is. My skin is so smooth”

Joanne, Manchester

“Big thank you for bringing out such amazing products. I have been using Silk Cream and Acne Potion for two weeks now and it is GOD SENT. It literally got my skin to a different level, leaving it really smooth and moisturised and my pimples have disappeared within days”

Zara, Solihull

“Best skincare ever, applies so beautiful on my skin leaving it soft and hydrated. Highly recommend and cant live without”

Sami, Toronto

“absolutely obsessed with your products. I have been suffering from dry skin for a while and nothing seem to be working until I started using your products”


Why Choose Natural & Organic Skincare

Organza Natural Skincare’s trademarked group of active ingredients and blends create natural collagen that gives an immediate glow and long-term proven results. Our bio fermented ingredients, marine collagen, plant stem cells and a complex of 7 Swiss alpine plants combined with rich, nourishing oils deliver perfect skin without compromising the environment.

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