Hi, I’m the founder of Organza Natural Skincare and I struggled with bad skin for YEARS – neither science or medicine gave me a solution to my problematic skin.

It all started when I was in my early teens and suffered from a health condition, for which I had to take medication. Because of this, I developed problem skin AND sensitivity to almost every skincare product available. This became physically and mentally challenging when after trying almost everything, nothing seemed to have worked. Many skincare products are chemically formulated with toxins that have little or no effect and can do more damage than good. Most products back then were not vegan, organic or skin friendly let alone eco-friendly, and harsh chemicals, alcohol and toxic ingredients dominated.

At the age of sixteen, desperate to find a solution, I started to study plant- based alternatives and creating lotions and potions. I saw an instant difference once I mastered a blend that now forms the foundation of our signature products, Silk Cream and Liquid Gold Elixir – within days my skin was glowing and felt incredibly smooth, like new.

I continued to create my own natural skin care products for personal use while I graduated with a Law degree, but my passion for skincare and a desire to help others achieve their glow led me to the development of Organza Natural Skincare.

I know first-hand what it means to be released from the stress of problem skin, and my solution-based products are skin friendly, eco-friendly, Vegan, and sustainable. I’m proud to bring you Organza Natural Skincare, good quality skincare that actually works without disturbing the environment in any way.

That’s my skincare story, and I’d love to hear yours – get in touch if you’d like to share!


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Why Choose Natural & Organic Skincare

Organza Natural Skincare’s trademarked group of active ingredients and blends create natural collagen that gives an immediate glow and long-term proven results. Our bio fermented ingredients, marine collagen, plant stem cells and a complex of 7 Swiss alpine plants combined with rich, nourishing oils deliver perfect skin without compromising the environment.

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