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Organza’s organic skincare products do not contain any harmful synthetic ingredients and most natural
skincare companies make use of recyclable packaging. There are many other ways in which
organic skincare is far better than synthetic products in regard to the environment. Read
further to learn more.

What Does “Organic Skincare” Mean?

Before diving into the wonderful benefits that organic skincare has to offer, let’s make sure
we have our definition correct. Organic skincare refers to skincare products that were made
with organically grown ingredients free from harmful chemicals and pesticides.

How Does Organic Skincare Benefit the Environment?

Organically grown ingredients reduce the amount of harsh chemicals that get released into
the air, soil, and water which have dire consequences for wildlife and marine life.

Is Organic Skincare Cruelty-Free?

1000% yes.

Organic skincare does not require any animal to be subjected to cruel and inhumane animal
testing which often kills the animals. Here’s how heartless these tests are, animals like
rabbits and guinea pigs have cosmetic substances smeared onto their bare, shaven skin or
dripped into their eyes.

Organza offers vegan skincare, which does not participate in any animal testing.

Why is Organic Skincare Better for Your Skin?

Organic skin care products present a healthier option for your skin; they contain more
beneficial vitamins and give you natural, long-term benefits at the pace that nature intended.

Organic Skincare Products Have More Health Benefits

Natural skincare has higher levels of antioxidant vitamins unhindered by harmful
contaminants. Active ingredients make up to 95% of organic skincare, whereas synthetic
skincare products only have 5 to 10%.

They’re Less Likely to be Allergenic

Without the man-made toxicity in natural skincare, you’re less likely to experience any
allergic reactions or irritations. If you’re unlucky enough to have an allergic reaction, it would
be easier to spot as it can only be caused by a natural ingredient.

Long-term Benefits

As with anything beautiful and good in nature, it takes a long time to reap the benefits. All of
the lovely ingredients present in organic products like honey and aloe vera will take longer
than synthetic products to surface but will give you longer-lasting nutritional benefits that are
gentle on your skin – no matter how long you’ve been using it.

As with anything created in an unnatural way, you may see results quickly but it often comes
at a cost. Using synthetic products for a long time can be really harmful to your skin as it
battles to cope with foreign substances. The damage can show up as premature ageing and

Eco-friendly, Organic Skincare in The UK

At Organza, our natural skin care products have been made to work on all skin types while
also being kind to the environment. We pride ourselves on our unique blend of natural
ingredients and sustainable packaging.

Find Your Perfect Regime

Mix and match products from our range to find the ultimate skincare routine, perfect for you.
Whether it’s the treatment for dry skin, problem skin or acne, anti-ageing skincare or just gentle
daily care that doesn’t hurt any animals or the environment in the process.

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