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What are freckles, and how do I take care of them?

Some people are genetically predisposed to have more freckles than others because they have more active melatonin cells in the skin. Freckles appear from around the age of 2 and then gradually darken and multiply as we age, and as we spend more time in the sun.

The first key to caring for freckled skin is making sure that they do not multiply, as this can significantly increase the risk of skin cancer and sunburn.


Keeping your skin cool

Keeping your skin cool is very important, more so when one has freckles, as heat and sun trigger melanin activity and awaken pigment cells.

Aloe is a great way to cool skin and many sun block brands use it for its anti-inflammatory properties and volume of antioxidants, enzymes, and Vitamins A and C. It can also help treat burns, acne and dry skin. When your skin is feeling hot, regularly spritz with cool water from a fine mist spray bottle and wear a sun hat to protect your face from direct rays.

Load up on antioxidants

The must-have skincare ingredient to invest in for summer is vitamin C. A well-formulated vitamin C product can help suppress melanin cells to keep the skin healthy and freckles in check; apply twice a day in the warmer months.

 Gentle exfoliation 

Manage sensitive and/or pigmented skin by exfoliating regularly with natural products, because dead surface cells store a large amount of the excess pigment found in freckles.

After researching formulations with multiple different plant seed blends and preparation methods, we discovered that seed-based formulas provided the gentlest, most effective, and most consistent clinical results for exfoliating skin.


Taking care of your skin naturally has never been easier, we’ve formulated a range of products made JUST for YOU!


Product Recommendation: Hydrating Renewal Scrub

With a zesty fresh scent, this lemon extract and blackseed scrub melts into skin to give an instant glow and leave it beautifully moisturised. Packed with Vitamins C, A, B and E, white poppy seed oil, shea butter and Argan oil to instantly rejuvenate dull lifeless skin.