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Basic Skincare for Men

Skincare is often not prioritised in the average man’s life. It’s understandable that you might not know where to start and which products you should have. 

This article will provide you with information on the basic, must-have products you need in your skincare regimen to keep your skin clean, healthy, smooth, and radiant. 

The Main Obstacle in Men’s Skincare

basic skincare for men

Men are not exactly known for their quality skincare regimens. It often consists of a lone face wash or a daily application of water. 

The main obstacle in the way of men’s skincare is the stigma surrounding it. Society often labels skincare as effeminate, leading many men to avoid it because they fear that investing in skincare products will somehow hurt their masculine image. 


In a year and time where gender norms are being challenged like never before, worrying about perceptions over being a male using skincare is honestly quite petty and unnecessary. 

By neglecting skincare because of societal expectations, men are not giving themselves a chance to enhance their skin’s health and overall look. 

Be confident in yourself and your sexuality. 

Live by your own rules and standards when taking care of your skin, no matter what others say or what you have been taught. 

Best Skincare for Men

basic skincare for men

Here are a few quintessential basic skincare products every man needs to keep their skin glowing and healthy. 


Having a quality, gentle cleanser suitable for your skin is most definitely the 1st product to buy for your skincare regime. 

As the name suggests, cleanser’s remove all dirt, excess oil and grime from your skin to ensure optimal health and cleanliness

It is best to apply your cleanser in the morning and evening. Applying cleanser in the morning will remove any impurities like left-over moisturiser and bacteria that you might have received from resting your face on your pillow. Washing your face in the evening will eliminate any build up dirt like sweat, oil, and left-over skincare products. 


Simply put, an exfoliator’s job is to basically remove all of your dead skin cells. It helps to unclog your pores, foster the growth of new skin cells, and improve the effects of other skincare products when obstacles like dirt and excess oil are removed.    


Moisturisers keep your skin looking silky smooth and supple and protects it from dryness and harmful pollutants in the air. A moisturiser works by trapping moisture in your skin and thus prevents it from looking dry and damaged. 

Ready to Start Your Skincare Regimen?

Mix and match products from our range to find the ultimate skincare routine, perfect for you. Whether it’s treatment for dry skin, problem skin or acne, anti-ageing skincare or just gentle daily care that doesn’t hurt any animals or the environment in the process.

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