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5 Face Yoga Exercises to help you achieve a more youthful appearance

Face yoga can potentially help you reverse the clock and give you a beautiful, more
youthful appearance if done consistently.
It involves various “poses”, like the classic downward dog you can do with your face.

Okay, not quite.

The premise is that these face yoga methods will help to tone your facial muscles,
improve blood circulation and fight off ageing.

We’ll detail some of the coolest and most effective exercises you can practise at home.

Face Exercises

There are a huge variety of methods out there and you’d spend ages reading up on
them. To make it more digestible, we’ve decided to give you the low down on the 5 best
face yoga methods.

Try not to be too aggressive when doing these exercises. See that you’re not wrinkling
or squinting too hard, as it could end up harming your skin. Instead, aim to lift and
expand gently.

1. Cheek Lifter

Cheek Lifter - 5 Face Yoga Exercises by Organza Natural Skincare

1. Start by forming an O with your mouth.
2. Open your mouth widely and ensure your teeth are covered by your lips and lift
your cheeks.
3. At the same time, you use your index fingers to push up your cheeks. They
should be positioned right below your eyes.
4. Repeat this exercise about 10 times.

2. Jaw and Neck Stretch

Jaw and Neck Stretch - 5 Face Yoga Exercises by Organza Natural SkincareCheek Lifter - 5 Face Yoga Exercises by Organza Natural Skincare

1. This involves tilting your head backwards, pushing your chin up and toward your
2. The next step is to scoop your lower jaw and chin up and then lower 5-10 times.
3. On your last repetition, try to point your chin to the ceiling for about 20 seconds.

3. Eyebrow Lifter

Eyebrow Lifter - 5 Face Yoga Exercises by Organza Natural Skincare

1. This face yoga method requires you force your eyes open by lifting your
eyebrows with your fingers.
2. At the same time, smile broadly.
3. Hold for about 20 seconds, release, and repeat for 3 times in total.

4. Pucker Lips

Pucker Lips - 5 Face Yoga Exercises by Organza Natural Skincare

1. Pucker your lips for about 4 seconds and release.
2. Repeat this exercise 10 times

5. Forehead Lift

Forehead Lift - 5 Face Yoga Exercises by Organza Natural Skincare

This particular face yoga method may smoothen out some of the wrinkles on the
1. Place your fingers on your forehead, just above your eyebrows.
2. Press down with your fingertips while lifting your forehead – gently ofcourse.
3. Aim to hold this position for 6 seconds and repeat 5 times.

So, Does Face Yoga Work?

Face yoga certainly works, it’s just that it won’t produce the results you desire without
long-term, consistent efforts.

For example, a study was carried out where participants were made to do face yoga
exercises for 30 minutes a day over a five month period. It was found that their cheeks
were fuller, giving them a more youthful appearance.